19 prosince, 2022

The Letters from the hell how to destroy the Church

Dear sweet baby,

it was with great concern that I received the news that a small church is about to be established in City. For a long time we have regarded this corner, which was said to be forgotten by God and man, as our sovereign kingdom. The people who live in City associate the Church just with what they see on TV, then with the scandals of priests and with and political and anti-abortion activities. Sometimes some from people City go to midnight mass once a year, or young people get married in church, but we don't have to worry about that. It's great when they are calling these activities faith. We want and work hard to make people see the church as a useless organization.  

This image needs to be promoted, and your task for the coming months is to spread this image even more diligently among ordinary people of City. This should be the way how they will look on the emerging church here. If you succeed, we will transfer you to a larger city for a reward, and you will be given a better name. In the meantime, you must prove your worth in this place in the unpleasant situation that has arisen. We're angry that you let the situation get this far, but we're giving you a chance to correct your mistake.

We've always had trouble with the church. Since the extremely regrettable and embarrassing event called Pentecost, we have been trying to destroy it, but so far we have not succeeded. Yet we do not believe, as the Book says, that our gates will not prevail against her. One day we will destroy it for good, we just don't know when.

One of the paradoxes of history is that it has often been the Church itself that has worked for its destruction. Sometimes it has gone so far as to forbid people to read the Book, sometimes, to our infinite delight, the Church itself has distorted and twisted the teachings of the Enemy. At those times we told ourselves that the Church was committing suicide, but for some reason unknown to us Church always survived. Later on, our Church Destruction Department investigated this phenomenon and concluded that the church, for all its failures, is apparently still the Enemy's bride, the Enemy's building, a people belonging to the Enemy, the Enemy's flock, the Enemy's body... We do not understand at all how our Enemy can say or have written such a thing about such a stupid and silly people.

One of the reasons why the Enemy uses these and other adjectives in connection with the church is probably a virtue that we do not understand but that the Enemy often speaks of, and that virtue is love. Our ministry long time has been researching the nature of this virtue, but the research is still in process. We are replacing the word love with weakness, and that is how I wish you would think of love.

As I have written, when the church came into being, we reacted very quickly and almost immediately did the best to destroy it. Emperors, generals, soldiers, whole armies of spies and informers became the instruments for the destruction of the Church. Thousands who thought themselves Christians were liquidated. To this day, many of us feel an indescribable joy when we remember the burning torches of the human bodies of the followers of the Enemy, when others were thrown to the lions in the arenas, or when others denied the Enemy out of fear.

We laughed at the strong saying that the blood of martyrs being the seed of new Christians. On the contrary, we were convinced that the blood of the martyrs would become the bloody river in which Christianity would drown. But time passed and nothing happened. The enemy's followers, in spite of all that our infernal department had prepared for them, not only survived, but grew.

We puzzled over it until finally our Father Devil came up with an idea that could only come from his brilliant mind. He remembered that many, many years ago he had an audience with the Enemy and spoke to him about a man named Job. Job was a man devoted to the Enemy, and the Enemy was proud of this fellow. Then our Father told the Enemy a truly brilliant thought. The reason why not only Job but many of your followers believe you is because they have all what they need. In reality, faith in Enemy is just a lucky trade. If you were to look at Job's wealth, health, and family, you would see that the reason for his devotion is solely for personal gain. People, including Job, will stop trusting you if you take anything from them. That's exactly what we did with the early Christians.

It was a great idea, but Job, despite all our calculations, remained loyal to the Enemy. He stayed faithful even his wife asked him to curse the Enemy. It didn't work out for us, but thanks to our Father, we remembered an important idea from the story of Job. When people get it wrong, their faith sometimes gets deeper. The result is this: Sometimes it's harder to follow the Enemy not in scarcity - Job handled that - but in abundance.

And that is why our Church Destruction Department has come up with a different tactic in fighting the Church. He gradually stopped the cruel persecution of the followers of the Enemy and gave them wealth and power instead of disgrace and misery. The poor and persecuted church gradually became one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Weakness replaced power, poverty replaced wealth, and humiliation replaced glory. The worship of the Enemy and his son Jesus was replaced by the worship of various places, statues, images and sacred things. The more flamboyant the church became, the more we rejoiced in moving away from the teachings of the Enemy. There were still some groups that pointed to what I am describing, but they did not have a key influence and were eventually eliminated by the church itself. At that time we thought that the Church was definitely coming to its end. But the Enemy, for the reasons I have indicated, which are probably connected with his love for the Church, did not allow it.

If you listened carefully, the church was not destroyed by persecution and scarcity, but rather by abundance and wealth. We have observed over the centuries that the more people create an earthly paradise, the more they will forget the paradise that the Enemy operates. Think carefully about everything I've told you. 

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